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manual of choose and buy of real wood floor

As the change that consumes a concept, people begins to pay attention to the comfortable sex of the life, decorate material as superior ground, real wood floor feels deep with its natural exterior, comfortable foot of common feelings of people. So, the average consumer that lacks professional knowledge this How floor of real wood of choose and buy? Small make up remind: [url=]Pressure treated lumber 2x8x12[/url] Choose and buy of real wood floor notes 7 respects.

1. Choose a tree to plant material sex:

Real wood floor can be divided simply for light color material pledges and brunet material pledges. The real wood floor with tall hardness has: Pick inferior line of camphorwood of iron of wood,[url=]timber lattice fence malaysia[/url] lovesickness wood, female pasture, iron child, 2 wings beans and Ma Laigan croton. Stability compares good real wood floor to have: Teak, oak (Bai Li or Gong Li) , brazilwood of wood of Xie Su of disc beans, button mound beans, twin, iron, imprint eggplant wood and iron line child.

2. Choose color wood grain:

High grade real wood floor is due and natural tonal, clear wood grain. If floor surface color is very grave, lacquer layer is thicker, may be intended to conceal the exterior defect of the floor do it.

3. Pick dimension bulk:

For the stability from lumber, the size of the floor is smaller, fight be out of shape ability is jumped over strong. The popularity on the market is wide now board, wide board narrower board for more beautiful, easy, grain diastole, decorative pattern is whole, but eligible wide board beard is planted through strict material choose to be checked and accept with quality.

4. Choose moisture content:

Because countrywide each city is located situation is different, the moisture content that wants lumber each are not identical. When buying, can seek advice to professional salesperson, [url=]Wood Plastic Colors Supplier In Aruba[/url]so that buy,balance the floor with moisture content balanced photograph to moisture content and place.

5. Choose treatment precision:

Go all out on flat with a few floors outfit, feel with the hand, soon its treatment is quality precision, bright and clean degree, whether level off, smooth, tenon chamfer cooperates, installation aperture,[url=]covere the concrete at the bottom of my house with wpc[/url] fight metamorphic chamfer to wait go all out outfit whether fit together perfectly.

6. Choose lumber quality:

Real wood floor is natural material, even if be the lumber on a tree, face of its exposed to the sun and shady side also have off color. Off color is the certain factor of natural material, it does not affect the quality of the floor, not certain also influence is beautiful. But off color cannot too big.

7. Paint quality:

Board face is Qi Ban through painting its all say after treatment, when choosing, should notice 3 should, 3 without if Lacquer face wants; of even, bright and clean, level off 3 notting have is: The lacquer that do not have leakage, without bleb, without chap.

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