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aligned with the rubber plate composite deck

aligned with the rubber plate composite deck

based on the line: in the room center, the center line, the ground is
divided into four sections, from the middle to both sides of paving,
each PVC must be firmly around the edge, and the corresponding weak
copper foil baseline (conductivity). 3, weak end after baseline, the
construction ground completely clean up and began to put the copper
foil, size 2 x 2 meters after the glue, glue to form a mesh uniform,

if the drying time is 30 minutes, until the sticky paste before the
PVC board (conductivity). 4, shop PVC board, check the floor intact, in
the process of handling the floor of the small cart, and should be
handled with care, not thrown, avoid damage to the PVC board, thereby
affecting the quality of the product.

the shop is stuck, should pay attention to the size of the PVC panels
and paving the way to avoid PVC in a post, the PVC should be aligned
with the rubber plate is bonded, tube will be flat on the ground in PVC
paste, the paste should be an accurate positioning, and to exclude the
floor and other basic air into real play dense bonding with a rubber
hammer with naughty pressure rolling, and paving direction according to
the order of the PVC board. 6. The PVC board should be tightly pressed
and pressed.

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