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choose and buy real wood floor standard

Floor of copy real wood basically is to show aggrandizement is compound floor, floor of copy real wood is a kind of common appellation only. Tell from broad sense, floor of copy real wood still includes the floor of the other type of grain of wood of other copy fact,[url=]Wood Pvc Wall Panel In South Australia[/url] be like stone model floor. Some areas if the mid area such as Hunan differentiates to go up from literal both and the floor these two kinds of different types uses real wood and copy fact wood distinguishs appellation.

According to committee of floor board of association of industry of Chinese forest products newest the data that publish shows, 2010, our country floor produces company sale to make an appointment with 399 million M2,[url=]Laminate Patio Plastic And Wood Flooring[/url] aggrandizement wood floor (namely floor of copy real wood) , multilayer real wood floor and real wood floor part to hold total sale about 59% , 22.3% with 11% , the wooden floor of other category is like bamboo floor, cork floor, stone model floor to wait add up to occupy than 7.7% . From above data we see not hard, floor of copy real wood still held the half of country of total sale in the sales volume of Chinese market, get consumer people chase after hold in both hands. But in copy fact at present the circumstance of vacancy of level of wooden floor state falls, consumer should master common sense of a few choose and buys more.

1, notice concave and convex chamfer

The occlusive and exact extent of concave and convex chamfer, decided the wearability of floor of copy real wood and service life. At present the quality problem of floor of copy real wood often appears on aperture. [url=]knowledge of building a wood deck[/url] Because concave and convex chamfer is occlusive not close together, the meeting after the floor uses period of time causes degum, aperture appears on the floor, after eating lunt, dust, the floor can be out of shape bubbly.

2, note qualitative capable person of colour and lustre

Regard real wood as the floor replace a product, surface of floor of copy real wood uses the design and color of natural fact wood mostly. But the stand or fall of this design and color and craft level are concerned,[url=]modular wood railing designs[/url] should choose design and color consequently more natural and true.

3, notice environmental protection index

Environmental protection index is to show the formaldehyde of aggrandizement floor releases a quantity, if quality is bad, juncture is not close together, the formaldehyde that releases is much, want to notice as far as possible so.

4, pay attention to brand and company actual strength to compare, a minute of price a minute of goods

The floor is durable consumer goods, the character that this floor should compare before buying and its after service whether content is worth somewhat, covet of avoid by all means is cheap, lest be in an unfavorable situation,be duped. Well-known trademark ability assures product quality and after service, early days should comprehend manufacturer actual strength deep, the product of the manufacturer that has actual strength more has safeguard more relatively.

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