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process and the advantages and disadvantages composite floor

process and the advantages and disadvantages composite floor

As we all know, whether it is the floor or furniture, need to wax
regularly maintenance, then, how the floor waxing? What is the floor
waxing the floor waxing process? What are the advantages and
disadvantages of the following? And a look at the floor waxing process
and the advantages and disadvantages. A, floor waxing the floor waxing
process is mainly divided into four steps: cleaning, cleaning, waxing,

polishing: 1, vacuum cleaner is put on the floor and some dirt,
cement, paint and adhesive glue removal. 2, cleaning: the general method
of cleaning the floor, such as cleaning the floor with a mop or using a
sauna machine for sterilization. 3, waxing waxing: refers to the wax on
the floor, and the use of different wax on different materials to the
floor, should pay attention to in the process of wax evenly.

polishing: polishing is a difficult technical activity, you need to
ask professional wax polishing personnel, or buy their own polishing
machine for operation. The advantages and disadvantages of two, floor
waxing generally, your bedroom will use wood floor, however, after a
period of time will find some wood floor a few black, this is because
the floor and air, water vapor exposure causes the floor damp moldy,

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