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still seek thunder fierce

g Zi You Xi 2 people lent the opportunity of generation battalion
commander to temporary promote the grass-roots military officer of one
large numbers of in the prime of lives again, so the atmosphere in the
troops like a lot of, the Francisco Lindor Jersey
food for powder courage is also big to get up, asks a way:"Adult, this
is what machine gun?"
"Light machine quick cannon, Europe nameds a light machine gun of
virtuous Sen of wheat, is what Su Hong livings old teacher several year
agos imitate to build, I gave first to move back to make everyone
compromise study study first."Yang Qiu claps a machine gun and says with
smile:"Who will use?"
"Adult, I the time in Germany once Jason Kipnis Jersey
learn."The Yue Peng stood out and walked to the machine before the gun
the Mao Mao moved back and forth several bottoms, the eyebrows was soon
after wrinkly to get up to say:"Adult, is this bad?"
"Is good of arrive is to have, can still not know when to
carry."Yang Qiu's in the mind whispers a , a stare a way:"Now that you
once used, is taught everyone how to use by you."
"Adult?Are we going together with a Joe Carter Jersey
machine gun?"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's eyes are getting brighter,
haven't waited he to do beautiful dream, Yang Qiu immediately stroke
way:"Wait north the ocean didn't want again say."
"The Niang Mao is again a north ocean, Lao Tze cans not gets use to
that to help guy."
"To, what the matters all think first them, the guns all used
Germany to produce at first of, big gun is also, eliminate down of all
filled to us, really enrage people."
"Go, head quarter round a day that equip to us, I hear that this gun
is quite good, just Su's teacher has and then bring back to make
everyone do first, although broke down or can compromise to do, make
everyones learn more Corey Kluber Jersey
point more."Hear the food for powder Du Du Rang Rang, Yang Qiu smiled
and saw come from F to change and influence imperceptibly with north
ocean for the target see to is to be getting more effective and say to
the Yue Peng:"This gun I can lend for half month, so you pick more
person's practice by yourself."
"Badly still need to do?Adult, you does this press a person by power
on the whole?"The face of Yue Peng are all black, Germany trains a
machine rifleman for at least three months, expertly the words still
need to feed several Andrew Miller Jersey
thousand hair bullets, oneself this place give half month, and still
keep chasing a bad gun!There is again no the opportunity of live
ammunition!This is to intentionally tease oneself.
"Is dissatisfied?Go, beat 1 with my list, win be I have never said."
And you list pick to do the second thunder fierce?This not is seek
uneasiness!The Yue Peng hurriedly puts a hand and point at the thunder
of seeing the joke fierce say:"Do not lie, you pass me, if adult hand
Yang, still seek thunder fierce."
"I?!Ah, suffer from diarrhea......."The thunder is fierce which dare
pick in the list with Yang Qiu, this period of time he but have enough
of once the future generations recruit the bitterness of making the
enemy, not drive the Lei neck is puzzling be beaten dizzy, hurriedly
urine escape to walk.
"Ha ha......."The sky of peacetime is Carlos Santana Jersey
fearlessly not afraid of the thunder Be fierce to all frighten to run,
the food for powders all roared with laughter, connect have been being
noticing Yang Qiu's text Bin several people of Chiu to have to admit,
either, he treats soldier to have much of affinity.This lets to worried
more in their heart, because the comrade here original little, now again
such a jinx, want to match with the prospect for starting an
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