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make adult Tan long recently

uprising to become dreary to get up a while.
After waiting to hand over to the Yue Peng Jose Ramirez Jersey
the affair of training machine rifleman, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi
hurriedly pulled Yang Qiu to a flank:"Adult, bearer in Hunan has already
waited you for a long time."
"Bearer in Hunan?Who?Wait me why?"
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi hurriedly explanation way:"Is Hunan to
consult Tan Yan adult of hospital, he receives order to arms and
supplies factory to take a gun to return to Hunan, this isn't strict to
check to guard against recently, just can start on journey after needing
you to check."
Mother-in-law Tan?Yang Qiu thought of Lonnie Chisenhall Jersey
that affair on the dinner and hurriedly said:"Is the person over
"Ship in the wharf."
The man sun arsenal works is greatly located in don't the
mountain(now Kuei-shan north side) get close to lake and man's water in
month and use wharf with chain iron factory.
On the wharf, more than ten to transport under guard the Xiang
non-commissioned officer that the gun pays the soldier is lazy idle to
spread east to pour west slanting, made Tan Yan wrinkly to knit the
brows, "left Zong Michael Brantley Jersey
Tang behind have no Xiang soldier" this sentence told a falling of
Xiang soldier Mo, short several decades that south's advertising for the
troops whom the northern war recovers Xinjiang has already disappeared
at present at in the long river, leaves in front these to have no
soldier's ruffian whom the military discipline can talk.
Tan Yan doing not want to take care of is beyond the power to care,
so is simply to see the industrial factory premises of having the in
front, this grand view, the in the mind is to secretly envy.
Although Hunan is also tight Trevor Bauer Jersey
depend big river, and the towns of Wu Chang San compare with come is a
wide difference, these several years, the situation is unsteady, the
inshore bandit starts increasing, so he also the anxious luck for
wanting a gun these return to hand over to the soldier safe public.
Suddenly, a string of to a tee the step voice spread, taking care of
of Tan Yan and a few arms and supplies factories twist a head to see
go, sees one brigade the new non-commissioned officer soldier step same
situation to order and carry a gun all the way small run since then,
after pouring wharf also at enmity with they said "hello" and
immediately descended a gun row two rows, yell for the Peng of head
growing being also:"Sign just!"
Together brush of sign a positive Tyler Naquin Jersey
voice, frighten once everyone jump, don't wait to inquire what is the
row, new appointee 42 mark mark all Yang Qiu have already taken Zhang
Wen Jing Zi You Xi to walk to come over, see he empress Tan Yan
hurriedly walk in the past and said with smile:"Mark all adult, we
meeteach other again."
"Ha ha, the affair is many, make adult Tan long recently etc., have
no mistake hour?"Yang Qiu finishes saying, once the hand flick and sign
the positive soldier neutrally engraves to divide a several people start
ascending a Yan Gomes Jersey
ship check, this lets taking care of of arms and supplies factory with
those Xiang non-commissioned officer soldier's facial expression changed
to change, have never thought this notorious"full Da sub- henchman"
still was really he or she dish vegetables.
Tan Yan pours a nothing important, just to Yang Qiu Duan's half
month ability will 42 mark practice of thus obedient a bit shocked, hope
these tidy uniform activity fast of 42 mark soldier, twist a head again
see after death have no a disciplinary Xiang soldier, the heart bottom
sighed tone.
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