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soldier after hasing an accident

ank down:"Is true of be anticipated by him quasi-, you I should how?"
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi ha ha on Roberto Alomar Jersey
smiling, the tone is extremely resolute:"Lo lo now this turbulence in
soldier, still you did I expect while joining the army in those early
years?This time he if really anticipating is quasi-, I the old piece Be
straight-tempered to accompany him to put together 1!"
"Like, that with gentleman totally enter!"
2 people shake hands mutually Roberto Osuna Jersey
and see on smiling, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi immediately put away thing
to handle affairs toward Wu Chang before for from ask for leave the
Saw Yue Peng in a hurry walk into Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's office
behind from the curtain, after the latter never stop for a moment rushed
through into the scene of martial Chang again, Yang Qiu's corner of
mouth hangs up to have a curve, the persons all have curiosity, besides
the theory of absolute being ghost still has much of a market this ages
and even drink people's parties blood wine, burn Huang Zhi, occasionally
a few "predict"s will make people believe to take themselveses more.
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi is in Russell Martin Jersey
the finished feeling of Wu Chang Ban the sky have already been getting
blacker and wait to find out the Tai of city rest once and lead light
out more for time, each camps all forbid discrepancy, so can pretend to
seek him to go over the old days etc. tomorrow morning together go to
cannon camp.
The 27 years old Tai is exactly the soldier's gold age, the shape
isn't high but very strong actually, technique the firm style is
cool-headed, is also run mark win minority of severals with north ocean
artillery the Ryan Goins Jersey
sergeant once stayed to learn in Japan together of intermediate
military officer, and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi the Yue Peng etc. person
to all really acquaint with, after seeing him immediately put last
dishes to go with wine.
"Text view, hear you is those new marks' governing the person whom
an understands a soldier very much?"Since 42 mark concentration
trainings, the vision of concern is many a lot of, these affairs can not
deceive a person at all and say with smile:"Is quite good, the means is
unusual and effective, not is my malarkey, ratio of in those early
years taught our German military instructors also not showed off to let
"Or how are you."The Tai full Troy Tulowitzki Jersey
top wine sighed tone:"Live alone man the sun close training, which be
like us......The ah has never trained well after August, the soldier is
also......Don't say, drink!"
Tai one mouthful the stuffy wine kept on infusing, Zhang Wen Jing Zi
You Xi saw his tone depressed and also knew for this period of time,
disturbances in soldier continuously, the soldiers are all not
intentional to train, particularly is Sichuan is also a soldier to be
different from a soldier after hasing an accident, won't become will,
make their these real soldiers all secretly anxious.
But this matter he also can't, draw together the other party to have no
more at the moment from start to talk about, have to Yang Qiu adopts a
lot of unusual training meanses and is a joke and say to see reaction
from the on the side and saw Tai more
listen to eyes more bright and not just struck table to shout bravo, the
heart bottom secretly had idea.
Several cups descend belly empress just thinking explore his tone,
the door outside but suddenly spread a burst of hurriedly of knock on
door a voice, open the door a see Tai fiercely wrinkle up eyebrows:"Liu
Bu Yun?Aren't you in the camp?How to come this time?Was the light out to
all lead?"Beare
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