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until behind just discover three camp tubes

r is three camp left brigade positive Drew Hutchison Jersey
eyes Liu Bu Yun, the artillery is just some little different from the
infantry, the positive eyes take care of cannon class, is an important
grass-roots military officer, besides he is still that the Tai train in
person of, strictly request to obey a soldier rules, see him return to
city after putting out the light inside, the facial expression is
getting more upset.
Liu Bu Yun knows that the Tai trains Drew Storen Jersey
soldiers naturally the strictest, can really have important event now,
hasty of hurriedly say:"Brigade positive adult, isn't that I don't guard
a soldier rules, but ah!......."
See he worried, original have the heart Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi who
keeps watch on three camp each and every moves to hurriedly say:"Slowly
say, not hasty."
Liu Bu Yun hurriedly said affair 1 time, originally and just after
the light out he as usual the example cruise a camp, but discover the
Huo palace of under charge minister several people at give have already
applied for Ezequiel Carrera Jersey
ex-service old soldier, Zhang Zhao Xun Jian, goes and originally sent
the old soldier walked to drink some wine nothing important also, as
long as not and loudly clamor can, can Huo palace minister several
people but regardless of soldier rules without restraint clamor, his
advising Zu is almost bestill aten and return a strength Rang Rang
August kill Da son for 15 nights and threaten kill them first while
waiting until to rebel these military officer, so frighten all through
the night to seek a tube to take to make collective report into the
city, and then feel that the Tai that not and dependably come to think
to be tallest prestige in camp Gavin Floyd Jersey
here finds back a town to live soldier and hopes that they don't cause
Although what good bird Liu Bu Yun is, can this matter but don't do
amiss, plused Tai and is a simple soldier, value a soldier rules most at
ordinary times, make to go to forbid is also his pet phrase, so heard
to gather many some vexations that drink to cause trouble to still
breach light out, and then heard rebel to want to kill them the speech
of these military officers behind, is also a spirit a J.A. Happ Jersey
strike table:"Serve as soldier and then should there is the appearance
to serve as soldier, have been already made in the soldier!The light out
rings a whole army rest, if none of everyones obeys a soldier rules,
with those grounds of ruffian's rascals where is the difference!"
See he finish saying to start to grasp a hat to return to camp,
early scared Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's eye the disease is quick moving
to pull him, point finger of the moonlight of crest:"The city gate has
been already closed, tomorrow morning."
The Tai in the mind hides not to live an affair, again can not
immediately city, can vent all of the wrath and the recent disaffections
at wine table up.
On the second day in early morning, 2 people in a hurry rush through
into southern lake, wait until behind just discover three camp tubes
taking an one step to have already come back and also been pulled up
cannon camp all of the left brigades to
gather Xun words.
Hot sun is scorching insolate body up, let to breach light out to
lambaste Liu Bu Yun last night, the wine strength hasn't spread of the
Huo palace minister wait a few soldiers to add hot and dry more, three
camp tubes took to just just adjust and at the right moment also wanted
to learn Yang Qiu to lend this matter to sign Wei, so walk to arrive
have already applied for ex-service Zhang Zhao Xun's in front to
say:"You retire from the army of the brotherses ar
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