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If you’re able to cast your mind back far enough to 2008, one of the most polarizing horror films of that year came in the form of The Strangers — a creepy and weirdly nihilistic thriller that followed a crew of masked invaders as they carried out a seemingly random home invasion attack. If that doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, then audiences patently disagreed, and the film went on to take a profit of some $70 million at the box office. Director Bryan Bertino has been quiet since then, putting his head above the directorial parapet only once for 2014’s Mockingbird, but now he returns with The Monster — yet another scary affair which tells the story of a mother, her daughter and a broken down car in the woods. But obviously, the story isn’t as simple nor prosaic as that and, going by the clip, NIKE ELASTICO FINALE III STREET TF something strange is lurking in those woodlands. We’ NIKE FLYKNIT CHUKKA re no geniuses, but perhaps the clue is in the title. Watch the trailer for The Monster above and then check out the preview for War of the Planet of the Apes which has also just dropped..


Few would be surprised to hear that a brand with a name like Lazy Oaf would be inspired by relaxation. Its in the brand’s very DNA to maintain an air of apathy and calm, and naturally this extends to its aesthetic. Lazy Oaf’s recent SS16 collection was heavy on prints featuring lawn flamingos, which is about as chill vibe as it gets. The brand’s newest FW16 line keeps much the same vibe, but introduces some distinctly new flavors. Namely, rugby. NIKE ELASTICO SUPERFLY IC And while a sport that involves beating each other to a bloody pulp sounds far from relaxed, the actual wear of rugby-inspired clothing is one that is far closer to curling up with a pint in a corner pub than it is a muddy field. Which means that in terms of specific pieces, the collection is heavy on jerseys and sweatshirts in bright, striped prints. The line is rounded out with T-shirts, sweatpants (naturally) and in a true standout, a luxuriously puffy jacket. And should you need another reminder of this brand’s headspace, you can get a shirt that has “Sorry I’m Late” stitched right onto it. Lazy Oaf’s FW16 collection is available on the brand’s online store now. NIKE ELASTICO FINALE III STREET TF Buy Now / From $35 Be sure to check out Lazy Oaf’s recent collection pulled entirely from their archives as voted by fans. Related Shopping Tips:


As we’ve come to expect from his appearances in Paris, this week Thom Browne put on more than just another runway show. Instead, the American designer staged a full theater play to showcase his Fall/Winter 2015 range. While the first act introduced the audience to a dying man dressed in all white, lying in an all-white room, the second focused on his funeral – leading to a collection that was almost entirely black. NIKE DUNK SB As simplistic as that might sound, a smart use of layers and a seemingly never-ending range of fabrics comfortably set each look apart, while Browne’s incredible attention to detail shone through every stitch. As seen in previous collections, an intriguing array of masks and headwear were also on show, ensuring the event was anything but dull. We certainly wouldn’t mind being buried in anything from this collection…. NIKE ELASTICO PRO III IC

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