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powder vehemence roaring to frighten

e all good in the brigades in normal times.Go home this time, brothers
Jian line what of, is also the business with a face.But lend wine to
vent, resist an officer long, this didn't accomplish anything a body too
much!See Jesse Chavez Jersey
an in normal times up, I am also no object today, Zhang Zhao Xun leaves
a camp at once!In case the family hang to hope.But, Huo palace minister
in normal times the Jie Ao isn't lousy, today this matter not ability
so even if.The Huo palace minister row!"
The Huo palace minister stands in the troops motionless, Liu Bu Yun
hurriedly and loudly drinks a way:"The Huo palace minister row!"
Row row!Huo palace several Joe Biagini Jersey
ministers hurtle to Liu Bu Yun's in front and force with the eye he,
make he not from fall back several steps.The brigade is also knowing for
these several days, resist emotion in the soldier strong, originally
was to want to turn the matter small, let him accompany be not even if,
slowly wore tone to say:"Palace minister old younger brother, you
accompany for Peng eyes be not."
The Huo palace minister short fuse, and then is wine vigorously
don't eliminate, immediately answer criticism after hearing:"Does this
Liu tread cloud to make trouble out of nothing to still want me to
apologize to for him?Don't go!"
"You violate a camp rules, I the Joe Carter Jersey
performance soldier work, you also want to commit murder to hit
persons, there is also military discipline?"
"Go to your mama's military discipline!Lao Tze early sees your se
guyses spread all over and sooner or later polish off you several!"
This sentence asked for the Tai of flank fire, if none of everyones
guards a soldier rules the troops return what appearance, the positive
strategic area go up Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi but fiercely pulled his
dress Cape Jose Bautista Jersey
to shake to shake head, this little action everyone didn't notice, and
three camp tubes take to reprimand angrily to a way more:"The Huo
palace minister breaches a soldier rules and insults and humiliates an
officer and press the Lyu whip Chi 20!"
Liu Bu Yun lifted a horsewhip to take out Huo palace minister.The
latter doesn't retreat as well and face to come forward to is an one
punch, at the right moment beat medium the noodles door of Liu Bu Yun,
momentary the blood Be long to flow to see beat, the left brigade
immediately goes it blind one regiment, the partner of Huo palace
minister observes circumstances far from good also immediately took a
person to surround military officer.
"You want to rebel, not afraid law of the land?"The Josh Donaldson Jersey
tube takes to see food for powder vehemence roaring to frighten side
Rang the side back, Huo palace minister but don't think a way to
dissolve on the contrary a head of hurtled into the command post of
flank, also didn't wait everyone to respond and then burst open the door
to rob a few guns, loudly shout:"Is anti-!Is simply on doing not do two
endlessly today, drag along out cannon to put his mama!"
"Anyway want to start revolution!Today open gunfire from here!"
Several Be not afraid of a matter Marcus Stroman Jersey
of you on talking me in one language, Tai and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi
also Meng, the former because matter suddenly, and then then was
"predict" to thoroughly shake!Loot a gun to pay, gather many cause
trouble demagogy to still rebel!Put which nation of is all capital crime
in troops!Is a 1-day-old affair!
"Gather ah, the brotherses!Gather ah, the brotherses!"Huo palace the
minister Be putting a gun and yelling, but matter suddenly none of
soldiers dare to move, the Tai is difficult to can not bear, pulled out
pistol to greatl
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