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how could such a thing be possible

y drink a way any further:"Huo palace minister, let go of a gun!"
Huo palace minister by now red Francisco Lindor Authentic Jersey
eyes, also ignore is who a gun of bang beat in the past, bullet
immediately beat win the arm of Tai, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi
frightenned hurriedly to rush toward him just averted from a second gun.
Tai usually although have strict request to the soldier, can be a
person but very battle righteousness, often take the soldier of own pay
silver subsidy home difficulty, so the right brigade artillery sees he
be contused, all annoy jumped to lambaste a Huo palace minister is
several people, also hate the whole left brigadeses to all ascend.
"Mama's fart!Wolf the last Jason Kipnis Authentic Jersey
dog isn't last!"The eye sees the nobody respond to, the right brigade
rounded to come up to blame them in succession again confused minister
and a few partners opening fire, having already had no the Huo palace of
soldier's appearance scold outside escape to the camp door.
The scene that coaxs indiscriminately lets Zhang Wen Jing Zi You
Xi's skin of head all blast open, first, is Yang Qiu to unexpectedly
"predict" thus accurate, the second, good friend Tais be not and up
urgently all Joe Carter Authentic Jersey
contused an in the mind more, also attend to an other immediately call
cure to protect a soldier.
Luckily the Huo palace minister rush has never beaten medium vital
part, see Tai temporarily don't settle a dispute feeling after taking
out bullet, the military police force also give°ed three camps to
thoroughly surround, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi doesn't dare to wait for a
long time as well and comforted perplexed Tai of eyeful two after,
urgently once wore river have to tell affair to be waiting the Yue Peng
of news.
Is already a lunch section while waiting
he to return to 42 marks, hot jollification in the big dining room
makes soldier who jamed hard morning, for adding nourishment during the
period of concentration training, Yang Qiu also thought enough a way,
but the full table vegetables basically lift not rise the appetite of
Yue Peng, after waiting until the figure that the doorway appeared Zhang
Wen Jing Zi You Xi, is also whole body a shake the chopsticks of
letting go of.
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi saw Yue Peng one eye, the meaningful look
in the eyes let the latter heart suddenly on shrinking, don't aware of
self a ground of wrist a loose, the bowls all almost fall off in the
ground, notice strange appearance He Xi to all hurriedly let go of
chopsticks and ask a way:"Text view, you this BE......."
Unwillingly suppressing at heart Andrew Miller Authentic Jersey
is shocked, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi deeply absorbs
tone:"Adult......The southern lake cannon camp had an accident!"Although
have been already guessed, can the Yue Peng still keep Corey Kluber Authentic Jersey
having no command over suddenly to open widely mouth and see Yang Qiu
being like to see monster!
How may!
Chapter 39 prepares to change to defend
"How could such a thing be possible, how could such a thing be
Well allow of no into cool autumn days, have already taken a nap
habitual Rui Cheng just took off clothes sleep bottom, hear someone to
report southern lake have an accident, frightenned hurriedly Be wearing Jose Ramirez Authentic Jersey
clothes and hating a way:"These rebellious parties are to should kill,
incredibly the disaster got to soldier in come!"
Liao gram the jade see him worried last fire forehead have murderous
look, remind a way while taking advantage o to button up button for
him:"Mo is urgently bad body, at present this morals of the w
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